What is the future of augmented reality?

Imagine putting on a pair of sunglasses and being able to pull up a map on the lens,... 

Understanding Accreditation for Fitness Degrees at Universities Online

When searching for universities online for the best fitness degree program for your... 

Connecticut Schools Give Business Students an Edge on Wall Street

As the saying goes, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”... 

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Renowned Designer Kathryn Ireland to Join Fight Against Poverty

The good people at Near & Far Aid clearly know how to celebrate. In fact, they’re... 

How to Show Love and Care to Your Community

Many recent studies have shown that being active in your local community is good... 

Nike Continues to Shut Out Armstrong

Nike was behind Lance Armstrong all the way during his glory days, even being the... 

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Is It Possible to Predict Which Teen Drivers are Most Likely to Crash?

What if there were a way to gauge whether a teen might be more at risk for getting into an accident? New research indicates that a person’s cortisol levels have some bearing on the odds of his or her getting into a auto collision.  Teens with low levels of cortisol seem to be more at risk for getting into a crash. In a new study, researchers found... [Read the full article]

5 Home Repairs to Perform After Harsh Winter Storms

Much of the U.S. suffered a long, hard-hitting winter this year with subzero temperatures, treacherous winds, and heavy snowfall. These harsh conditions took a toll on many houses, and now’s the time to check for any damage or problems before they escalate and cost more money to replace and/or repair. Now that most of the snow and ice has finally... [Read the full article]

New Reasons Why Some Men’s Hair May Be Greying Prematurely

In recent years, greying hair has become an issue for youngsters as well as the “father generation.” With more and more young people living the single life well into their thirties, grey hair has become the norm not just among grandmas and grandpas but among young and hip 20- and 30-somethings as well. Why does hair turn grey? It can be puzzling... [Read the full article]

Are E-Cigarettes Safer than Traditional Cigarettes?

What started out as an alternative way to smoke has expanded into a hobby that many people enjoy on a regular basis. E-smoking represents one way that technology has changed the way smoking works by doing away with many of the harmful chemicals commonly found in cigarettes. E-cigarettes provide a way to deliver nicotine without burning anything, which... [Read the full article]

How The Weather is Affecting the Construction Industry

The construction industry is not only being affected by a slow economy, but also by recent weather. The unusually severe cold temperatures accompanied by blizzards and snow storms in most regions of the U.S. has had a ripple effect, halting construction in many regions of the world. In fact, the annual pace of housing dropped from 1.05 million in December... [Read the full article]

Pet Removal in Sochi Whips Animal Rights Activists into a Frenzy

While sports fans around the world rounded up their nation’s colors and watched the 2014 Winter Olympics, animal rights activists have been engaging in a different kind of round-up. For the past several months, activists world-wide have been working to save hundreds of stray dogs residing in and around Sochi from a government-mandated death sentence. Russia’s... [Read the full article]

Fake a Clean House in Just Minutes

If you haven’t experienced that moment of sheer panic when someone calls and says they’re just down the street and want to stop by for a few minutes, you will at some point. Your house is never ready for guests you’re not expecting, even when you’re a naturally clean and organized person. You’re in your pajamas, you left... [Read the full article]

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