10 Reasons Why Staring At Your Cleavage Is Scientifically Justified

July 28, 2010 by Tagus Magus34 Comments

So I’m sitting at a desk and a colleague bends down to talk to me. Huge pendelous breasts in front of me. I try to look her in the eyes while talking but that makes me seem weird, as does peering out of the window, or at the carpet. I’m approaching middle age and I still don’t know how to deal with this! Will I ever? As far as I can tell this is just instinct.

This is what I read on some forum the other day. It is just instinct. Maybe more – it’s a cultural phenomenon and we just can’t escape it. So ladies, read this and give us all a break, we’re gonna stare at your cleavage till the end of time.

thb1Jugs are yelling out for attention

staring at your cleavage

What, you expect to show eye candy and all the candyholics (in this case, any possessor of a penis) to pretend they’re blindfolded? It’s like waving a bottle of your finest whiskey in front of an alcoholic and then slapping him for looking at it, let alone drink it. Boobs are fun. Boobs we like. We like boobs. We’re cleavage gourmets.

thb1It doesn’t mean we want to forcefully hump you

No, it really doesn’t. We just have to check it out! In fact, sometimes we might even be staring at a cleavage we don’t really like. At times we’re just amazed at the vast highway between your left tit and your right tit and we’re wondering how abnormally thick your boyfriend’s cock would have to be for him to actually enjoy a titfuck. Other times we wonder how much have you been sleeping on the left side in your life, forcing such an inaesthetic asymmetry between your lefter and your righter. I mean, if there are any tits-aesthetics experts, those are us, their greatest appreciators, MEN.

thb1You are aware of the effect it has on us

Yes, you crookedly vindictive whore, you are aware of it! You like to torture kind family men just riding a bus back home from work, you like to scavenge and hunt poor high school kids who don’t get any, elders who don’t get anymore and you still act offended when they stare. You’ve got as much nerve as David Hasselhoff has when he goes out in public and expects people to ask for autographs.

thb1You have the option of not sporting one

Instead of complaining about our rudeness, perversity, harassment, barbarity of the chromosome Y and other generally applied characteristics of the male individual, you could just spare us and not wear a cleavage. We’ll always have the nymphos plus other millions of females aware of their luring abilities and comfortable with them, so it’s really your call. Oh, mademoiselle, now you complain that if you don’t have a cleavage then the heavy sun is gonna make your tits sweat like a pig’s grunting snout? Well get yourself a fan for that udder, then.

thb1We don’t have ’em


Except for unfit men over 50, we really don’t have boobs and we got a never ending curiosity towards the phenomenon. The boob-possessing phenomenon, that is. “How is it to live with those?”, “Can you lick them nipples by yourself or you usually need help?”, “Does it hurt when you run?”, “Are they filled with milk?” are just some questions that puzzle our minds right next to the ‘meaning of life’ paragraph of our minds. Our curiosity is completely justified and by the way, if you’re ever willing to stare at a penis for a moment, just politely ask a guy on the street and you’ll get an instant penis flash, we’re *that* nice.

thb1That’s how we work

Call us animals if you may, it’s a very simple mechanism, well actually, what the hell, I’ma draw it for ya:

staring at your cleavage

thb1The Freudian explanation

staring at your cleavage

Yes, we also miss our mommies. The first feel good moments of our lives were suckling on some milky jugs. And then when we grew up we got more and more aware that the nurturing capacity of a beloved female partner is directly proportional with the size of her bust. If you were more understanding you’d agree we’re just victims of biology.

thb1We got reflexes from the TV

Our dick muscles and the eye-brain-cock links are well-trained anyway from all the commercials inviting us to stare at boobs while getting offers to buy products we don’t need. Boobs enhance consumerism and we’re living in a consumerist world, honey! Boobs are everywhere and sometimes we can’t even distinguish if you’re real of you’re a fucking street ad. So we thoughtlessly stare :'(

thb1Staring at boobs prolongs life

staring at your cleavage

According to some scientific studies, 10 minutes of staring at large boobs every day makes your life longer by 5 years. So beware, damsels, boobstaring just so happens to be the new going to the gym or the new eating your veggies, either way, the new healthiest thing to do. If you think right about it, it’s a win-win-fuckity-win situation.

thb1We can’t control it

Our sexual organs go on full alert status, they don’t know it’s just a false alarm. Shout as we may “Abort mission. Target inaccessible, we’re in public transportation”, it’s all in vain. Have mercy on our souls, oh, almighty titwearer, oh, thou shalt be rewarded by the Gods, for they’ve already given thee thy bosom, which you could just flash and spare us the cleavage, to be quite fucking honest.


34 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Staring At Your Cleavage Is Scientifically Justified”
  1. alec says:

    I want to suck on moobs.

  2. nice article 🙂

    though it was impossible to read as all the attention was directed to tities 🙂

  3. gc says:

    I definitely agree that I’ll catch myself staring at cleavage of women that I have zero attraction to. It’s just the excessive skin in an inappropriate setting that catches my eye. It’s funny that at the beach, I never accidentally stare at women or breasts– probably because everyone is near-naked.

  4. Waltsense says:

    I was just holding my newborn baby while reading this and I felt disgusted he had to look and be against my flabby man breasts. Poor kid.

  5. Shalu Sharma says:

    How can staring at boobs prolong life?

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    The win was a huge one in a crucial week for West, which is in the midst of a four-game week and must travel to face Mukwonago and Arrowhead next Tuesday and Wednesday. coach outlet store online Although Campbell has been entering her creations at the Wisconsin State Fair for more than 15 years, she hadn’t made this cake by herself until this year (she always made it with her mom and grandma).
    Here is the complete squad: http://www.p90x.us.org “These days, we go without a catch even when we are at the middle period of the year that we have, over the years, associated with the best fish catches.”
    u Net borrowing on credit cards rose by 拢435 million in April, the largest increase in three years, although it followed a net repayment of 拢19 million in March. michael kors bags But Trump said during his news conference in Michigan that he has no plans to roll out a “19-point plan” delving into policy, and said he doesn’t plan to change his style despite the controversies that have surrounded his campaign.
    In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin says the measures are aimed at stopping Russia from replacing its defence-related imports from Ukraine. toms shoes Michigan was led by Siera Thompson’s 13 points and Shannon Smith’s 12. t coach outlet store online
    Sunderland should have been 1-0 ahead after the interval when Newcastle went momentarily down to ten men owing to a head injury to , who collided with a post. While the centre-half was receiving treatment, Sunderland went on the attack and Jordi Gomez sidefooted wide after being played in by Fletcher. burberry outlet online SPIEGEL: including SPIEGEL
    n As we announced in the first week of July, the intermittent issues impacting some users trying to access the MyGov service and associated Centrelink online functions occurred from 1 to 3 July and have been resolved and were not related to capacity constraints, he said. tory burch outlet online Jacob Kuriype: Usman Khawaja, Steve Smith, Adam Voges m
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    The offer, which Lloyds said can be withdrawn at any time, excludes remortgages, buy-to-let, shared equity and shared ownership deals. true religion A visit to Southwold reminded us of another town that had disappeared. It now boasts a massive pier which displays a water clock whose mechanism is operated by the power of water which overflows from a miniature bath above and keeps the time-piece working.
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    p The command has “reviewed (its) force protection measures and provided specific direction regarding additional force protection measure to reserve centers, recruiting centers and ROTC units,” Capt. Scott Miller, public affairs director for U.S. Northern Command, told CNN. Coach Factory Outlet In a show of defiance – at least for now – Planned Parenthood also told the House committee that it has not yet decided whether it will honor lawmakers request for a briefing by Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who speaks at length in the video about obtaining fetal tissue for research. Nucatola is the organization s senior director of medical services. Hollister Co
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    Preparation: Michael Kors Bags Read this article in: – Life-saving hepatitis C drug approved, but cost is highSHAREPhoto: Life-saving: the sofosbuvir molecule has been approved in the US and Europe for the treatment of hepatitis CNew York, 23 December 2013 (IRIN) – Following approvals in the US and Europe this month of a new drug to treat hepatitis C, activists are pushing for the medication to be made available in poor countries, a development reminiscent of the activism that forced down HIV/AIDS drug prices a decade ago in Brazil, South Africa and Thailand.
    Chicken andStrawberry Saladwith BalsamicDressing http://rb.onlineoutlet.us.com The soaring inflation that followed Western sanctions against Moscow for its annexation of Crimea and meddling in eastern Ukraine is eroding the value of Russians’ wages, while the country’s economy is in recession.
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    y This included pretending to pay the rent or mortgage when they hadn’t, lying about struggling to pay the rent or mortgage and hiding the fact that they were struggling to pay. Ray Ban Sunglasses Gateshead belonged to the Bishops of Durham and was often claimed by the Newcastle merchants as their own. In 1334 King Edward banned Newcastle’s mayor and bailiffs from mooring ships here and in
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    i But it’s also plausible that too much inactivity could feed anxiety in the first place, according to Manevitz. He pointed to animal research that suggests exercise can calm the brain’s response to stress. Tory Burch Coach Darren Lehmann and captain Michael Clarke were both upbeat Rogers would be right for the third Test, which starts on July 29. x
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    Mr Harris’ son Geoff, from Wingate, East Durham, said: “He is 5ft 2 and only weighs seven and a half stone, and is disabled after a stroke with no use of his left arm. Why did they need to use that much force? Ray Ban Outlet Both will plot a three lap 12-section course on the banks of the River Swale east of Reeth. The classes planned will be clubman, beginners and youths. Entry fees will 拢12 and 拢10 on the main course and 拢8.00 on the Small Wheels course. That category will as ever be controlled by Ted Harston. Chloe and Nick have stressed that this will be a fun trial. The starting time will be 1.00 pm. All proceeds will be donated to the chosen charity. The Richmond Motor Club will underwrite organisational costs. Any donations, however small, or large, will be gratefully accepted.
    Louis C. Hochman and Meghan Hodgin Burberry Outlet Online Mayor Joan Faus told The Associated Press on Friday that locals are not legally required to observe the siesta period. But he said the town hall strongly recommends they stay indoors because “at that time of day it is dangerous to be outside” because of the summer heat. m Kate Spade Bags
    Fast-forward to a period where Middlesbrough have picked up just seven points from the last 33 available and suddenly the team seems to be crying out for continuity. Mont Blanc Pens Online SHE has little interest in football, not much more in golf, her husband鈥檚 twin obsession. 鈥淚 tried golf once, took lessons, but they said I hadn鈥檛 an eye for the ball. I just might try it again.鈥?

  12. bpqoloiiu says:

    The Nebraska football program will have one fewer backup quarterback next season. Michael Kors Handbags Outlet Efforts to address open defecation in PNG are not new. As a mandated territory under Australian administration after World War II, there was a major push to expand access to sanitation and improve general health. Thousands of pit latrines were constructed and Australian Patrol officers, or Kiaps as they were known locally, imposed spot fines on those who did not comply. b Coach Outlet Store Online
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    鈥淭he Government must back these new innovations, the engineering and the intellectual property.鈥?Coach Outlet Online That building was moved from the corner of Mequon and Cedarburg roads about 200 feet west on the development site and was remodeled and expanded for the post.
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    Virgin Money, which bought Northern Rock, announced a 拢1m contribution to its own foundation last September and that was followed in December by Chancellor George Osborne promising that the foundation would also receive 拢4m worth in fines from errant banks. Then, today, Virgin pledged another 拢3m by 2019, bringing the total to 拢8m. Ray Ban Sunglasses Not surprisingly, the theme park’s profits are also down — even more than investors had feared.
    First period – 1, VER, Nolan Kepler (Phillipe Fromber), 6:28. Second period – 2, WW, Sheldon Oja (Kevin Conley), 10:38; 3, VER, Kepler, 11:26; 4, VER, Zac Keryluk (Zach Lanz, Fromber), 13:13. Third period – 5, WW, Cale Bowman (Tanner Gould), 4:40; 6, WW, Justin Anderson (Justin Zahn), 5:06; 7, VER, Brogan Baker, 10:13 (pp); 8, VER, Kepler (Pat Stevens), 15:04; 9, VER, Charlie Parker, 15:36. Shots – VER 33; WW 16. Saves – VER Alex Jones 13; WW Sam Wiegert 2. Power plays – VER 1 of 6; WW 0 of 3. Records – VER 26-2; WW 17-10-1. Mont Blanc Pens The report also pointed to concerns in some faculties about staff working with outdated policies or under the impression that one individual case constituted a kind of case law .
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    With FIFA President Sepp Blatter staying away during a U.S. criminal investigation of soccer officials, the trophy was presented by FIFA Senior Vice President Issa Hayatou of Cameroon, the head of African soccer’s governing body. cl.onlinesale.us.com She added that a decision to execute Holmes only adds to the death count. She pointed to a handful of doctors who said Holmes suffered from schizophrenia and was psychotic.
    g Try looking in the field on Stokesley Road in Northallerton, the chap there has let lots of non paying members of the caravan club stay there, and they have horses and horse boxes to, wasn’t horse tack stolen ? Michael Kors Outlet Online The government had opened 51 model schools in the district as part of the Union government s financial assistance under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Siskha Abhiyan (RMSA) with the grant of 75 per cent every year. The model schools were started with the sole objective of providing English medium residential education from sixth to twelfth, during the year 2010-11. But, till now, no hostel facility is being extended to model school students in the district.
    For any of you reading who might be under 40, the title plays on a popular patriotic slogan of the Vietnam War era, America, Love It or Leave It, often thrown in the face of people who had the temerity to question America’s participation in the war. While Updike’s personal take on that war was complex (see Adam Begley’s biography Updike for a a good discussion of it), this story is neither hawkish nor dovish. It reflects, as Updike’s short stories often do, a bemused love for America’s small-town rituals and institutions and the fallible people who carry them out. Hollister Outlet With the exception of one play they never had a big play on us, said Kennedy. You look at games like this and it comes down to turnovers. The kids did an unbelievable job. . . . I don’t know what to say. c Ray Ban Outlet
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    Yesterday morning鈥檚 game saw Newcastle fielding a makeshift backline because of a refusal to play Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, or Jamaal Lascelles on an artificial pitch. Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Semashkin had agood reason torun. Onthe competition’s first day, while he andhis family were greeting crowds innorthern Kamchatka, aloose ember lodged itself behind thechimney oftheir two-story wooden home outside Petropavlovsk. Thehouse burned tothe ground. Semashkin, his wife, andtheir four young children lost everything. He didn’t even find out about thefire until days later, when therace arrived inits first settlement that had cellular service. Sitting inthe Ust-Khairuzovo cultural center, surrounded byhis fellow mushers, Semashkin learned ina phone call fromhis wife that theonly belongings he had left were tucked intohis dog sled andthe only clothes that remained were onhis back. http://tr.storeonlinecc.com
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    February 14, 1973 Louboutin Online Video: Bernie goes grassroots
    The Missoula Public Library will be helping with the programming on levels, said director Bray. The library has been involved with the festival for years, and will bring new ideas to help it continue, she said. Those include a Booking It! race the weekend of the festival, and a slate of children’s programming. Mont Blanc Pens Ohnmar Khaing, coordinator of the in Myanmar, an umbrella group of national and international NGOs, argued that limited efforts have failed to fix the poppy issue. She told IRIN poppy farmers may find alternatives or other professions but it will need investment and encouragement of regional governments and relevant stakeholders . w o.storeonlinecc.com
    Heaton Stannington assistant manager Geoff Walker said; 鈥淲e鈥檙e obviously disappointed with the result. WE started poor but then missed a couple of good chances. Last half hour we were all over Crook but couldn鈥檛 force an equaliser. Fair play to Crook, but we can鈥檛 wait to go behind and then start playing.鈥?Hollister Clothing , Journal Sentinel Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. unwqjsrnc says:

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    The 28th minute strike is easily one of Quakers鈥?best this season, and Gray added: 鈥淚t was a fantastic goal, making a run like that at the speed on that pitch takes some doing. Coach Outlet A well-educated, committed group聽of people who want to support local agriculture. It鈥檚 amazing! There could not聽be a better place to form direct connections with consumers.
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    With no time remaining, penalties ensued; the worst sequence of penalties too. Only Darren Fletcher scored for the Premier League champions, while Marcos Alonso and Ki Sung Yueng’s spot-kicks had Sunderland on the verge of a trip to Wembley. Michael Kors Outlet I don’t have that warning in the back of my head that, ‘Hey, if you go up like this you might get hit.’ Fischer said. That’s all gone, so I can just go up and embrace the contact.
    b The two were members of hip-hop collective Boot Camp Clik, which included Black Moon’s Buckshot, Smif-N-Wessun’s Tek and Steele and the trio O.G.C., according to Billboard. Boot Camp Clik released its first album, For the People, in 1997. Coach Outlet lr / ag Fitflop Sale
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    ps dissolve minerals and initiate cracks in the rock Acid Coach Outlet As persecution of the Jews intensified, Dorothee Lyser鈥檚 parents arranged for their daughter, then a teenager, and their son, Karl, to leave their Dusseldorf home and start new lives in the South
    Featured Story http://www.michaelkorsoutletssonline.us.com Online:
    Wellspring Education Center: Certified organic farm and retreat center offering programs in wellness. Reservation required. 4382 Hickory Road, West Bend. (414) 522-6989; http://www.wellspringinc.org. Cheap Jordans Prosecutor General Yury Chaika said that a probe of 250 organizations working on the project had discovered theft that caused 7.5 billion rubles in damages, RIA Novosti reported.
    INSIDE THE HUDDLE Fitflops “Although we have seen human to human transmissions occur in healthcare facilities, between patients, from patients to doctors, among healthcare staff and close family members, we haven’t yet seen that third or fourth level of community transmission,” Mounts said, meaning when the disease is spread more randomly among strangers.
    z 鈥淚 am here, and I am happy to be a Newcastle player,鈥?said the striker, who converted Daryl Janmaat鈥檚 first-half cross to ensure the Magpies produced a winning response to the previous weekend鈥檚 embarrassment at Manchester City. 鈥淭here have been times where it has not been especially easy for me because I have been playing and then I have not been playing. http://www.cheapjordans.net.co ESPNU
    Oddly the sun visors also do not slide or extend, a small thing, but a nuisance once the winter sun starts creeping in all those sneaky crevices where a movable sun visor can help. Michael Kors Outlet It was a weekend home for us and we d get down at least twice a month. We only just finished renovating it to get it the way we wanted it, he said. m Cheap Jordan Shoes
    “It’s difficult telling someone they have dementia, but doctors also need to point people in the right direction – although some even think there’s no point telling them, because there’s nothing they can do. Air Jordans TEL AVIV, Israel – Egypt has backed Israel in its quest to have the P5 plus 1 deal with Iran overturned.
    d On Wednesday, Hammond’s family released the results of a private autopsy, which concluded that both bullets entered Hammond’s body from the back. According to the autopsy, the second bullet proved to be fatal, entering from the back of Hammond’s left side and passing through his chest, piercing his lungs and heart. True Religion Jeans Outlet LiberalDemocratssenatorfor NSW. u
    Starting in central London, the charity cycle event took place over four days and saw participants cycle through South East England and Northern France, finishing on the Champs Elysee in Paris. Coach Outlet Despite its growing reputation as an emerging destination for two-wheel enthusiasts, Viroqua is exactly what you鈥檇 expect from a county seat in rural Wisconsin. A charming, if somewhat time-locked, city center surrounded by a handful of both modern chain establishments and those that give a healthy nod to the agricultural stronghold of the land around it. Just two hours away from Madison, it makes for an easy road-biking day trip or weekend adventure. While the region has seen mention on lists like gorp.com鈥檚 鈥淭op 10 US Road Biking Routes鈥?and starred in a Bicycling Magazine feature story, Viroqua is still an emerging destination; don鈥檛 expect glossy ride maps or organized tour groups. Michael Kors Bags
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    Some leading medical organizations aren’t pleased with this recommendation. The American Academy of Pediatrics called the task force’s findings “very disturbing.” The academy warned it would be a “major step back” to stop screening in the interim. The recommendation draft is open for public comment until Aug. 31. Ray Ban Sunglasses Farman Khilji, assistant director of the FATA Disaster Management Authority, said authorities are responding to the education crisis. i P90x Workout Schedule
    Pardew introduced Cabella and Papiss Cisse in an attempt to change things, but West Ham would have doubled their lead in the closing stages had Elliot not produced a fine save to deny Mauro Zarate. Gucci Factory Outlet I must confess, I sometimes brew an extra cup or two of coffee in the morning, save it in the fridge overnight and reheat it in the microwave the next day. It never tastes as good, but it saves me a few minutes in the morning.

  14. gjhjbuap says:

    鈥淚 like Alex as a person but for whatever reason it just didn鈥檛 work out,” Hurricanes general manager Ron Francis told WRAL’s Jeff Gravley. “We have talked about accountability and level of compete and we didn鈥檛 think Alex was giving it.鈥?coach purses outlet In Burkina Faso, farmers across nine of the country’s 13 regions have been affected by avian flu since April. o af
    鈥淚鈥檒l be able to start training again in mid to late June, some light jogging and then playing football by the middle of July the doctor reckons, so I鈥檒l be playing in the pre-season friendlies. That鈥檚 as long as the operation goes well on Thursday. abercrombie and fitch The cast from the Little Hero Company kept the audience enthralled as the dastardly villain, played by a man called Liston, got up to all sorts of unlawful behaviour. Then the evil baddie got what he deserved.
    1 plain bagel: 156 kcals oakley glasses Our next generation is noticing, too. One Millennial emailed to tell me about the tradeoffs she made to move to Madison, including taking a thirty-percent cut in pay. Now she鈥檚 ready to go back to Austin. She writes, 鈥淭he comments and trolling in response to your article is telling of how I鈥檝e found Madisonians respond to criticism, and that is, 鈥業f you don鈥檛 like it, leave.鈥?I understand not wanting to make Madison a replica of another city, but I鈥檓 worried about how this arms-crossed, dismissive mentality will haunt the city (and is already) as we take them up on this advice.鈥?i abercrombie kids
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    o The Sheriff鈥檚 Office found Ji鈥橝ire鈥檚 mother pushing him in the swing, but Ji鈥橝ire was dead. There were no obvious signs of trauma. The 24-year-old mother was transported to a hospital for an evaluation. [url=http://rolex.outletonlinecc.com/]Rolex Watches[/url] In an official meeting led by Khost governor Abdul Jabbar Naeemi and also attended by UNHCR and NGOs on 3 September, it was decided that North Waziristan IDP children would be admitted to local schools to save their academic year. g
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  19. gjhvsuzu says:

    “Any team replacing a great quarterback like we had is going to be challenging, but we have great players around our upcoming quarterback–Caiden–nine returning starters, and great receivers around him and a great O-line, and I think he鈥檚 going to do just great,” said Cleveland senior receiver Patrick Jesequel. [url=http://replicarolex.outletstore.us.com/]http://replicarolex.outletstore.us.com[/url] The property is best known for its 35 hectares of woodland, formal gardens and lakes. With the lough on one side and the Irish Sea on the other, it enjoys a unique microclimate; look out for bananas and kiwis! f [url=http://replicarolex.outletstore.us.com/]Replica Rolex Watches[/url]
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    The Storm (24-3) sealed the victory by sinking nine of 14 free throws during the final 3 minutes; however, it won the game because of its work on the offensive glass and the long-distance shooting of Jill Kleiman. [url=http://www.raybanoutlet.net.co/]Ray Ban Glasses[/url] How the Post Almost Lost It v [url=http://www.fitflopssaleclearance.us.com/]www.fitflopssaleclearance.us.com[/url]
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