100 Ways of Saying “Fuck You”

January 22, 2010 by Ted278 Comments

We here at Standard Madness are committed to help our fellow men learn the importance of of swearing. But what do you do when you’re drink fresh pomegranate at the Ummayad mosque in Syria and someone punches you for staring at their women? Or when some drunk dude steps over your igloo in Iceland? Well, here’s a suggestion: express your anger by telling them to fuck off in their own mother tongue. So print out this handy little guide and learn, for cursing in a foreign language is just about as cool as having a girlfriend that dresses up as slave Leia to play kinky games with you.

This is the latest update on this page, on Jan. 25th 2010, thank you to all the well-intentioned people that left useful comments on this graphic, I did try to take everyone’s advice and improve it on daily basis. The internet is such a wonderful place when you get so many people together. However, there are a few things I’d like to clear out: Not every expression below means ‘fuck you’ with religious accuracy. Some of the terms are what the natives of that country use when they want to tell someone off in a rude way, so corrections on this matter are not needed. Please do not try and correct something that is obviously corrected already just because someone did the same in another comment a few days back. Please only notify me of needed changes if absolutely necessary, not if you think there might be a better possible way to address our target expression. Also please know that research has been done on the matter, nobody pulled word out of their assess, we used sites like: insults dot net, 43 things dot com, wikipedia, google translator and so on, sometimes specifically searching for a site addressed specifically to one single country. Another thing: except from Latin, whatever it is between the brackets is a location, not a language, so smart asses that say Scotland is not a language will not have their comments approved anymore. Thank you and keep up the great job, guys of the world!


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278 Responses to “100 Ways of Saying “Fuck You””
  1. white says:

    well since the brazilian one is wrong i must assume lots of them are aswell.

    actually in brazilian portuguese its also FODA-SE, or “TE FODER” if u want, but “FODER” would mean “to fuck”.

  2. Wackoback says:

    This “infographic” sucks. It is full of errors! Many of these words mean “to fuck”, and not “fuck you”

  3. Joe says:

    I’m from Indonesia and our way of saying “fuck you” is “ngentot loe”. FYI, Indonesia and Malaysia share similar language and though I’m not fucking sure what they call it there but I’m betting is not “yet meh”. “Yet meh” is not even Melayu language (Malaysian local language).

    Fuck you, Ted! 🙂

  4. That word in greek is totally wrong…i cant even understand what they mean!!

  5. Hecate says:

    I don’t know in the other languages, but in french, it’s not “coup baiser”.

    Baiser means to fuck, and i don’t know where coup comes from, because it means many things, but usually, punch, kick…
    If you want to say fuck you in french, you’ll have to say: “Je t’emmerde” or “Va te faire foutre”, depends of the context.

    Strange, cause seem’s to me it’s kind of easy to find the translation, but anyway… nice try 😉

  6. Kurt says:

    In Philippines – Putang Ina (Cantot-sex but doesnt mean fuck you..)
    In Chinese Mandarin – Cao ni

    ..Lot of wrong word…

  7. Cleo says:

    Eeeeeeer… “Coup Baiser” in French ???! I’m French and I’ll never say “coup baiser”, it’s a nonsense ! The real word is “Va te faire foutre”.

  8. vtpg says:

    For Serbian it’s not correct, shoul be ‘Jebi se.’

  9. Bajnok says:

    I suggest a better hungarian version. This one, “kozosul” means to make love, not fuck you. Please use the “bazd meg” phrase.

  10. Hiep Le says:

    This photo really sucks! They’re all wrong!!! Especially the Vietnam word! Get it off, dude!

  11. Bellushi says:

    Actually, the polish one is also wrong. For all interested: “pieprzy” means “he is peppering/screwing/talking nonsense” (all of them, not kidding you). The proper translation of “fuck you” term to polish language should be “pierdol się”.

  12. Gryth says:

    The swedish one is also wrong.

  13. ae pancho says:

    hungarian wrong as well, full of mistakes, makes no sense, terrible job

  14. medwe says:

    The Hungarian one is the most official way to say ‘to fuck’, and is mostly used in police reports about rape cases…

  15. meh says:

    tis all wrong! FAIL!

  16. waterychicken says:

    Just to let you guys know, the word Yet Meh doesn’t mean jack in Malaysia.

  17. Hakiw says:

    almost all of the former yugoslavia are wrong..some are “to fu-k”, some are “mothers vag-na” etc…

  18. Ted says:

    Thanks to all the comments below me I’ve manage to correct the mistakes that were brought to my attention, please let me know what your country’s favorite way of saying “fuck you” is to make this world a better place ! 🙂

  19. Foxtrot says:

    Being french canadian, I know for a fact that “vas fe faire enculer” means go get assfucked… “Vas te faire foutre” would be way closer to fuck you, but only the pansies from france would use that… In Quebec, we’d rather use something along the lines of: Vas t’crosser, (which means go jerk off, but I guess we don’t really have a direct equivalent to it like frenchies do)

  20. JZ says:

    In Czech “Šoustat” (you’re missing the first character, probably your fontset couldn’t display it) means to fuck and is probably never used in the meaning “fuck you”. The most common phrase we use with similar meaning is “Jdi do prdele” (“go to ass” in English but yeah, we say that when we want someone to fuck off). And this one has only Latin 1 characters so you’ll probably be able to write it with your font 🙂

  21. Stefan says:

    The Macedonian one is wrong also. It’s not Fuck You, it’s Mother Fucker, but it’s spelled wrong. It should be Pitchkati Materi.

  22. Keefe says:

    LOL, chuck in a few oddly spelled words and say its the way to say fuck you. Bravo!

  23. Søren says:

    Actually, “Kneppe” (Danish) means “to fuck”, not “fuck you”. Basically, if you say that, you’re asking for sex, which is not quite the intention here I gather? 🙂

    The pure Danish version would be: “Knep dig selv” (fuck yourself), but you’d rarely hear it. Danish has become pretty infused with english, so what you’d probably hear is “Fuck dig” (lit: Fuck you).

    Awesome poster, though! 🙂

  24. Agustian says:

    I don’t believe all cultures raise their middle finger when they say Fuck You.
    And Ngentot Loe is the right way to say it in Indonesian! Ngentot loe pada!
    Fuck You All Dudes!

  25. Hecate says:

    LOL – “Va te faire foutre” is often used in France, and not by pansies…
    As i said in my earlier post, we can say several things, depends of the context.

    In France, we say “Va chier”, “Je t’emmerde”.
    These are “softer”, and more often used than “Va te faire foutre”, and even more than “Va te faire enculer”.

    it’s very nice trying to correct the mistakes…
    “coup baiser” was a nonsense, but “Vas te faire encule” has 2 grammatical mistakes – for 4 words, nice :p
    Try again 😉

    Bises from France 😀

  26. Scypio says:

    Welll… Polish is wrong. Should be: “Pierdol się”, lub “Spierdalaj”. “Pieprzy” means “he is f**king” not “F**k off”. Good day. 🙂

  27. Alex says:

    LOL… In Switzerland we say “fick dich” not “druber rutsche”. Where did you even get that? And I know in Guatemala you can say “chimado” but “cojido” or “penetrado” would be better.

  28. Arnoud says:

    Dutch one is wrong (Holland) “Neuken” means “too fuck”
    Literally it should be “Neuk jezelf”, but no one says that. We actually say “Fuck you”, but a traditional similar phrase used a lot is: “Rot op” and that basically is: “Fuck off” or literally “Rot away”

  29. ChrisS says:

    Actually in greek it’s “Ante Gamisu”.
    “As to thialo” is totally wrong and I suppose you mean “ante sto dialo” which means “go to hell” (“go to the devil” actually)

  30. Sxilderik says:

    As another french speaker from France here, I can only say that there is no direct translation of “fuck you” in French, especially if you omit to state the country: fr_CA is definitely not the same as fr_FR…

    As for France french, “va te faire foutre”, “je t’emmerde”, “va chier” or “va te faire mettre” would be honest contestants to the title. I would opt for the first.

    Another thing to consider is the extreme frequency of “fuck”, “fucking” and “fuck you” in US movies, for example. I don’t see any equivalent in french that would be used as often and as regularly in french movies, or in casual conversation. “Va te faire foutre” is still quite harsh.

  31. Weakling says:

    Dutch one is wrong as well. Neuken is just the translation for the verb fuck. Has nothing to do with fuck you.

  32. ajK says:

    the swedish is pretty much like the danish. knulla means just to fuck and you could say “gå å knulla dig själv!” but you don’t it’s more “Fuck dig!” and javla is wrong too, it jävla and is more like an attribute (adjektiv in swedish) and you could say like “Fuck dig Jävla idiot!”.

    but you don’t really say that we have elaborated our cursing further but 3 basic things to say in sweden:
    “sug min röv då för fan!”
    “dra åt helvete!”
    “sug kuk!”
    and if you get no reaktion just add/reply with:
    “jävla fitta!”

  33. besiktasli says:

    the turkish is wrong as well. “sikmek” means “to fuck,” so would come across as just childishly sweary without directly offending anyone. it should be “siktir git” which is fuck off.

  34. Sangit says:

    Dude, the nepalese one is wrong!!! Chikne

  35. SLO says:

    Slovenian is also wrong…. it says: to fuck
    i call it fail all together… 🙂

  36. Norwegian says:

    Actually, the Norwegian word ‘knulle’ means ‘to fuck’, as in sex. The proper FUCK YOU is ‘faen ta deg’ (literally ‘may the devil take you’). Faen comes from ‘fanden’, which is sort of a Scandinavian version of the devil.

  37. bobi says:

    Macedonian is wrong

  38. Sniffer says:

    Dude, this thing simply didn’t work out.
    Brazilian is wrong too.
    In Portuguese “foder” is simply “fuck”.
    “Fuck you” would be “vá se foder” or “foda-se”.

  39. norwad says:

    Norwegian one is also wrong….. knulle = (to be) fucking

  40. fungus says:

    don´t use that crap It´s alllllll wronggggg, nobody´s gonna understand you, you just gonna get everybody laughs at you. It´s just a bunch of dirty words but don´t mean f#$%k you! and don´t have any sense at all.

  41. ila says:

    denmark : fuck dig
    norwegian : fuck deg !

    those u wrote are the verbs for the act of fucking ! 😀

  42. Ted says:

    Thanks again, recent commenters ! I just finished my second update on the poster thanks to your input, come on people, let’s get this baby close to perfection !

  43. Bonyek says:

    “Hungary” version is wrong. The real expression is: “Gyurcsany takarodj!”
    Change it on!

  44. JZ says:

    OK, now correct the Czech one. The word “oustat” doesn’t even mean anything in Czech (most languages are not tolerant to leaving out characters from the beginning of a word) 🙂


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