3 Ways to Alleviate a Baby’s Tummy Problems

February 3, 2013 by Justin CLeave a Comment

I hate it when my stomach hurts. It’s just all around uncomfortable, it makes it hard to move, I’m lethargic, and, depending on where I’m at, having tummy pains can be embarrassing. Those sorts of tummy pains are even worse for a little baby who can’t articulate their pain. They will do their best to let everyone know, and there are some things that little one’s parents can do to help with the tummy pain.

  1. Feed the baby before he/she cries

If the people who are in charge of feeding the baby can get onto a schedule where they can anticipate when the baby will be hungry. If the baby is crying out of hunger, chances are, he/she is going to guzzle the milk, which leads to them swallowing a lot of air. This is true whether or not the baby is breastfed or feeds from a bottle.  This can help prevent some stomach pains in the little ones by cutting down on the air they ingest. If breastfeeding, it’s also good for the mother to avoid foods that increase gas production. Foods to avoid include those veggies that are hard to digest – cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, onions, and, of course, beans (the musical fruit!)

  1. Get rid of the gas

The most obvious piece of advice here is burping the baby, during and after feedings. However, simply burping might not be enough for the young one, and there are other ways parents can help move the gas out of the system. Parents can lay the baby face-down on their knees or their forearm and let the little one rest that way. This can help move the gas through the intestines and give the baby some comfort.  It’s also helpful to put a warm, wet washcloth down for them to lie on – the warmth can be comforting on their skin.

If that doesn’t work, giving babies a tummy massage (counterclockwise) can help get the gas moving. When doing this, take their legs and move them in a bicycle movement can also get the gas heading in the right direction to give the baby comfort. Remember to be gentle on their joints when doing this – they’re not riding the baby Tour de France.

  1. Use medication

If the problem is really bad and nothing else helps, there are different medicines that to give the wee one. A common cure is gas drops.  There are some over-the-counter and some prescription medications that can help cure the gas, and it’s important to go see a pediatrician to find out what’s right for the baby – and to make sure that the issue is actually related to gas.

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