Are Tablets the New Nanny?

May 12, 2012 by JD1 Comment

The Nanny

There was a time when humans were needed to watch our kids when we were occupied. In many ways, television took over and started helping in the baby-watching program, but it wasn’t until the rise of tablet that the true diversion for very young children really started popping up. I know. I’m a parent, and I’m not proud that my kid knows how to use the iPad better than I do.

This graphic comes to us from via Hyundai Los Angeles and examines the way that tablets have, in many ways, replaced the need for human interaction. It’s not necessarily a good thing but it is what it is. Click to enlarge.

The New Nanny: Tablets and other Mobile Devices Teach and Entertain Kids
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One Response to “Are Tablets the New Nanny?”
  1. Voncile says:

    What a pleasure to find someone who idenftiies the issues so clearly

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