Build Your Very Own Audio Controlled Robot Using Android

June 4, 2011 by Ted1 Comment

You wanna reenact “Robot Wars” in your own living room? All you need is an Android phone, an app and some weaponry from the dollar store.


Darrell Taylor is the creator of these two little robots reminding me a lot of two war chariots. They’re controlled either via audio commands or — adding to the cool factor — through a Wiimote.

All you need is an Android phone, the Cellbots application from the Android market and a lot of imagination. Darrel made the bots fight and added to their firepower using parts bought from the dollar store. The object is to pull the gold colored shield off the front of the other robot using a magnet wand.

The robot can also be controlled by text message, Gtalk, computer or voice command. Watch these little modern knights fight it off and check out the resources we’re recommending after the video:

Via YouTube user dammitdarrell

You can follow detailed instructions from Darrel Taylor on how to build your own Cellbots on Make Projects. If you do decide to build one, let us know and we’ll feature it here. We’re also gonna attempt to build a cool one next week and let you know about it.

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  1. frmkla says:

    How to construct the hardware and how it communicates with phone..

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