Great Experiences that Students at College Online Miss

May 15, 2012 by Justin C2 Comments

Going to college online might seem to deprive students of things that many associate with “normal” college life. Then again, what are the things that students miss by attending online as opposed to a normal campus? Let us count the ways that online differs from IRL campus life if that is really what it is.

Online students probably won’t experience the joys of having a drunken dorm rat end up wandering into their room and go to sleep on their floor. Yep. Happened to a friend of mine and his girlfriend, they awoke to find a young woman recumbent upon their dorm room floor snoring. She woke up saying, “Oh, Donna, I had the weirdest dream about riding the elevator last night.”

Suddenly, the young woman realized that the person with the beard couldn’t be Donna. Nope, it was some guy and the carpet beneath her wasn’t hers and, by the way, this wasn’t her room…it wasn’t even her dorm. She fainted. When she came to again, two faces hovered over hers. Neither one was her roommate, Donna. That’s when she said, “Okay, so that elevator thing probably wasn’t a dream was it?” Both heads moved back and forth in the universal negative. Hastily locating her purse from beneath their bed, the young woman left embarrassed by an unplanned drunken sleep walk.

That was just one of the great college memories that at online student won’t have. They aren’t in dormitories with universal keys etc. But, that young woman’s experience wasn’t all that embarrassing, a potential student might think. Surely, the rest of the college experience would be worth it. That brings up item two of the things that online students miss. Three months later, the same young woman met a very funny and familiar-seeming young man. They were very attracted to one another.

The young man seemed like someone that she had known. The young woman seemed strangely familiar. They began a round of the “weirdest things that had happened to them in college.” After the normal round of when Professor So and So did this, the young man said, “I think that the absolutely strangest thing that every happened to me was when I was dating X. We were in her dorm room one night. We went to sleep just like any other night, but in the morning, there was a drunken girl on the floor of our room. I guess she had gotten lost from the kegger in one of the downstairs rooms.” The young women grew flushed. “What dorm does X live in?” She said very quietly.

“Dorm N,” The young man replied suddenly noticing that his date looked very uncomfortable, “why do you ask?” “Room B8?” she asked. “No, D8,” he replied, “that’s two floors above B…hey, she had red hair. You have red hair. Did, do, was she?” Nodding the young woman said, “That was me. All I remember was riding in the elevator like that ad about painting the town red in my bra. I have no idea how I got into your room that night. I guess I walked in my sleep.”

Yep. An online student wouldn’t have that stellar experience either. Online students might have a sick roommate puke in their shoes. That might happen. Probably not with the regularity that it does on a campus with a central health clinic conveniently located as far as possible from the dorms. That might happen. An online student might have a roommate from a country with an unpronounceable name who likes to cook in their room with a wood fire in a fire pit. That might happen, but probably not as often as on a college campus where the computer matches roommates.

There are so many things that online students miss out on by not going to college on a traditional campus including monster tuition and giant student loans. They probably kick themselves every time that they realize that they will miss out on some of the experiences above. But…that’s the beauty of online, accredited schools courses transfer.


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