How Can You Keep Your Kids Safe on the Road?

June 18, 2012 by Justin C1 Comment

Watching your son or daughter go out in the car alone for the very first time can be as nerve-wracking as watching them take their first steps. However, being on the road arguably carries far more risks than learning to walk, and as such a certain level of concern is understandable. So what advice can you give your kids in order to try and prevent the unthinkable from happening? Here are a few suggestions (as well as the often shocking statistics).

  • Lock up your sons

While you certainly shouldn’t try and act on the above verbatim (especially as most sons would simply rebel against you if you tried), it probably pays to bear in mind that young male drivers have much higher accident rates than their female counterparts, also being seven times more likely to be involved in a car crash than all male drivers as a whole. This is allegedly due to young male drivers more readily taking risks on the roads; risks that, sadly, can sometimes be fatal.

  • Make sure they don’t drink and drive

Young male drivers come under the spotlight again, with those under 25 being the most frequent group to fail a breath test after being involved in a car accident that resulted in somebody being injured. Drug and alcohol usage is also thought to be responsible for the increase in risk that young male driver face during the hours of 2am and 5am; their being seven times more likely to be in a car accident rises steeply to a dramatic 17 times higher.

  • Tell them not to show off

Young drivers both male and female often end up in car crashes as a result of allowing themselves to be goaded into driving unsafely or simply allowing themselves to be distracted. Ensure that your son or daughter doesn’t tolerate potentially dangerous levels of horseplay in their vehicle while they’re driving.

  • Make sure everybody wears their seatbelts

Whether driver or passenger, it really is a matter of life or death to ensure that everyone wears their seatbelts: only one third of young drivers and one fifth of young passengers were properly restrained in car crashes that resulted in fatalities.

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