3 Responses to “How People React When You Tell Them You’re a Mac User”
  1. Heath says:

    I feel this is close, but a bit off. I would say roughly 40% say, oh cool an apple, though only 10% actually make the jump to buy one, mostly due to price tag shock at the store compared to PC’s. Of the people who respond negatively, this chart is probably about right on. I fall in the How’s Your Milk crowd because I frankly, could care less what your hardware is.

  2. Ted says:

    @Heath – the “Hey Kev, how’s your Milk” slice is dedicated to Kevin Rose, founder and destroyer of, avid mac user and now founder of a startup called Milk.

  3. Entertained says:

    I’ve been right clicking on macs for roughly 13 years…. i don’t get the chart. I should mention that I use both windows machines and macs daily. they each have their value. my windows machine is mainly used to test browsers or play an occasional windows only game. the mac handles everything else.

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