Lady Gaga Gives Speech at Europride, Stands Up Against Countries Like Budapest and Lebanon

June 12, 2011 by Ted2 Comments

Lady Gaga’s commendable initiative of performing at Rome based Europride parade turned a little to the funny side when the artist confused Budapest with a country.

Lady Gaga Rome Speech Europride

Italy is known throughout Europe as a pretty old school country when it comes to gay rights. Their very own prime minister has been heard saying stuff like When I’m in the presence of a beautiful girl, I look at her. It is better to have a passion for beautiful girls than to be gay.

In response, the Italian gay community posted signs reading It is better to be gay than to be Silvio Berlusconi.

So in this somewhat unfavorable climate, pro-gay movement supporter Lady Gaga joined the 2011 Europride parade in Rome to give a speech and perform for hundreds of thousands of people, who came out to protest against the Vatican and Silvio Berlusconi’s “backward” government.

She ended up calling out countries that apparently discriminate against homosexuals. She was trying to stick to European countries, but alongside Poland, Russia and Lithuania she oddly enough mentioned Lebanon and — of course — Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Personally I think she was wrong on so many levels: artists should definitely stay the hell away from politics, it never works out.

Lebanon is not an European country therefore it wasn’t supposed to be mentioned at an European pro-gay event such as Europride.

And of course you can’t really add too much weight to your words when you suck at geography so bad that you confuse a country with its own capital city.

If I were gay, I’d be embarrassed to have Lady Gaga as my spokesperson.

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2 Responses to “Lady Gaga Gives Speech at Europride, Stands Up Against Countries Like Budapest and Lebanon”
  1. Lebanese Guy says:

    Well, this is a speech after all. She mentioned the capital of Hungary in a different sentence. Clearly, this could have been for poetic effect.

    You should know that Lebanon recently had some issues with Lady GaGa. Our government, judging by the track list and the singles, temporarily placed the Born This Way album under a ban. One reason was that the album was in “bad taste”, mostly due to its largely pro-gay messages. It would not be over-reaching to mention Lebanon in her list. The fact that she said Middle East clarifies her knowledge of geography. The Middle East is technically in Asia, but culturally it could be classified as a mix of European and Arab and rightly so.

    I also don’t understand why she should stay away from Politics. Aren’t we all part of the political process? She has a voice in this generation and she should put it into good use.

    Rushing to conclusions is the main reason why homosexuality is still undermined. Please don’t add to it by posting ill-gotten and under-analyzed conclusions.
    Thank you.

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