NZ Based Europa Petrol Advertisement Circa 1979

June 14, 2011 by The Initech Staff3 Comments

Europa Petrol was a company that eventually got swallowed into the gigantic BP consortium (unfortunately). But they sure had a badass marketing department.

astromech sticker

astromech sticker

These astromech stickers were available from the Europa chain of petrol stations for a period of time around about 1978-1979. They coincided with a series of television adverts starring their R2-lookalike robot.

Interestingly, the astromech was actually constructed as 1:1 prop (rather than being a scale model) and is reported to have made a number of guest appearances at Europa petrol stations around the country for promotional purposes.

Also amazing: according to gas pump in the second sticker, $13 (NZ) bought 42 L of fuel (11 gallons) so yeah, those were the golden times indeed.


3 Responses to “NZ Based Europa Petrol Advertisement Circa 1979”
  1. Craig says:

    I vaguely remember these from Europa growing up in the 70s – they even had a version of it you could get in large cardboard sheet form and assemble at home for your very own R2 unit! anyone else remember this?

  2. Your article NZ Based Europa Petrol Advertisement Circa 1979 | Standard Madness write very well, thank you share!

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