Pregnant Partner? Purchase Spa Vouchers to Prevent Post Natal Depression (and Blue Balls!)

June 21, 2012 by Justin CLeave a Comment

Spa Seekers – an established spa booking service located in the UK – recently featured an infographic on their blog which illustrated how spa treatments can help to prevent the development of post natal depression (PND) in women. The graphic revealed that indulging in beauty treatments such a deep cleansing face masques or manicures can help to raise the self esteem of the fairer sex, which is important for recent and soon-to-be mothers considering poor self image is a precursor of the mental health condition.

Whether this news will see the number of spa treatments booked for child-bearing ladies increase is questionable though, since just 15% of the men polled said that they had treated their partners to spa vouchers (up to three months after the child’s birth). This is despite the fact that 66% of participants – both male and female – considered spa gift vouchers to be the best possible gift for pregnant and post-expectant women.

If you are a man who is due to become a father soon and you’re thinking that you are too tight with your money to treat your missus to a day at the spa, you should note that PND can also affect the health of your relationship. If she is feeling especially low about her appearance, or is worried about her ability to fulfil the role of mom, then you are likely to squabble far more often than usual. You might have got used to going without sex in the later “size-of-a-house” stage of her pregnancy, but this is trend you will want to turnaround after the birth. It goes without saying that regular arguing is hardly beneficial to a couple’s sex life!

If your lady is due to pop a sprog soon, do yourself both a favour and buy her some spa vouchers stat!

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