Site Credits

A professional website needs some solid work in order to look and function properly. Here’s a list of all the people and companies Standard Madness would like to thank for contributing to what our site is today:

StudioPress – for providing the framework behind our design. Standard Madness is built on the old Revolution theme by Brian Gardner. They have moved on to a different framework now, we have purchased this one back when it was a big deal. It’s most likely available for free around the web nowadays.

Zak Groner – our very talented young designer. He’s responsible for the logo, header and footer, as well as other projects. Make sure you check out his portfolio.

Mark Frost – he’s a good friend and a ninja coder. Helped a lot with implementing Zak’s designs. Also with feedback and moral support. Thanks buddy.

PressLabs – you can’t run a high traffic website without state of the art webhosting. After years of struggling with expensive dedicated servers that would crash under large spikes of traffic, we have come across PressLabs and were never happier. Our best day so far traffic wise was when we simultaneously hit the front pages of digg and reddit and our server withstood 300,000 unique visitors in 6 hours, using up to 8% of its capacity. I don’t think I need to continue.

Elegant Themes – for their social media icon set.

Most of the custom coding was done by yours truly, Ted Ursu. For tips on social media for web publishers, managing high traffic websites and building a community, you can go visit my blog.

We’d also like to thank our fans, our facebook community and of course, our advertisers.