The Infamous Van Halen Concert Rider (Infographic)

January 5, 2012 by Amy1 Comment

We may laugh at some of the demands of pop stars today, but it’s hard to believe any will ever top the true madness of Van Halen’s 1982 concert rider.

We’ve all heard about the “absolutely no brown” M&M’s clause, at some point or another. But here’s a few things that struck me in looking through this infographic from Sonos:

  • 5  private bathrooms
  • 4 full-length mirrors
  • 8 quarts of lime (yes, LIME) Gatorade
  • 48 bath-sized towels, but just 2 bars of soap
  • 3 packs of cigarettes? That seems kind of low, for 1982, especially

So, here it is, in all its visual glory, the infamous 1982 Van Halen concert rider, the gold standard for demanding musicians everywhere.

(H/T: Seattle Nissan


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