The U.S. Needs To Cash In On A Major Jackpot

June 26, 2012 by Justin C16 Comments

As of this precise moment, the U.S. national debt has surged to an unfathomable
$15,783,519,497,364.50. We’re not here to discuss why the debt has swelled to
such an astronomical amount. We’re here to examine a solution that can help the
U.S. cash in on a major jackpot, which is to legalize gambling. This
well-designed infographic highlights the point that 22 of the states have gotten
it right in that they have legalized casino style gambling. If the remaining 28
states were to follow in the same direction, all the states would collectively
earn an estimated $81 billion and annual tax revenues would be increased by
$38.9 billion, a truly large jackpot.

Pennsylvania serves as a model example for the nation in terms of illustrating the benefits
of casino legalization. The state, which features a tax rate of 48 percent on
gambling profits, generates $1.456 billion in casino tax revenue. Pennsylvania
uses its jackpot winnings to provide citizens property tax relief, bolster
economic development, improve tourism and strengthen its horse race industry.
Nevada, Indiana, New York and Louisiana all round out the top 5 states for
casino tax revenue.

Should every state legalize casino gambling? Is the U.S. letting tax dollars that could
be spent on education, law enforcement and research go to waste? Please provide
your thoughts!

Gambling and the USA National Debt
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16 Responses to “The U.S. Needs To Cash In On A Major Jackpot”
  1. Gugunk says:

    I am deeply ceocernnd. There is a large amount of hardcore gambling slang in this episode. Does someone on the Explosion Bus team have a real-life gambling problem? If someone does, you don’t have to explicitly name them, although maybe you could give a general description of their appearance or their job description or something.I’ve personally never developed a taste for gambling, despite being extremely talented at it. As a boy I placed a bet at a county fair midway. I bet that a rat would run through the mauve hole on a game board, which is the type of gambling they have at county fair midways. When the rat ran through the mauve hole I won a stuffed animal. Sure, it’s not exactly the World Series of Poker or James Bond playing baccarat. But can James Bond predict the movements of the animal kingdom? That’s like Dr. Doolittle or St. Francis of Assisi-type shit.

  2. Nawi says:

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  3. That’s the perfect insight in a thread like this.

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